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Sunday, 16 October 2011

I Love You Food :)

Okay first of all i have to put this out there : FOOD IS MY LIFE!
I can eat anytime, with anyone, anyplace as long as it good :)
I always talk about food and i have to say its my awkward conversation topic...... yes when i am stuck in a very awkward place with awkward people the only topic I can ever think about is yes food!
the funny thing is now that i have to talk about food i cant think of anything to write about ....(long pause while i brainstorm about food)
Hmm.... all this thinking of food is making me hungry :P :L
People often say that i have very weird eating habits ... but i don't think their weird at all for example i like to have banana with my mams curry but ONLY my mams curry and mashed banana sandwiches and ham and cheese in croissants... now really how is that weird ?? i probably have allot weirder ones but my brain at the moment is like a mashed potato i cant think.... :L
Now i am just cant stop thinking about how much i want toast right now
So im gonna go now and eat :)
Hope you kinda enjoyed my blog for Blog Action Day
Thank you and goodnight :)
Niamh xx

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